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Your website is your 24/7 sales rep.

By Ami Williamson | @damnwrite | July 20th 2018

It’s where your potential clients can get the info they need in order to buy from or hire you, anytime of day. And when it’s set up correctly, it can do the heavy lifting when it comes to selling.

Which means you don’t have to. Sounds good right? But even a modern, beautifully-designed, mobile optimized website can’t sell your services without strategically-written copy.

What is copy? You might know it as content, but in general terms it’s words designed to sell - like those on your website)

That’s where a professional conversion-focused copywriter comes in. Someone who will research your target customers, tap into their pain points and motivate them to take action.

“But I know how to write. I’ll have you know that I aced my English exams!” I can hear you saying... And kudos to you, English nerd. But sadly your excellent command of the English language is probably doing more harm than good.

Because the human brain likes simple.

But chances are you’re going to go in there and use big jargony words, long sentences and even longer paragraphs in an attempt to demonstrate your authority.

And on the surface that seems like a clever strategy. But in reality you’ll just confuse your potential customers (and maybe even bore them to death!) Which means they’ll lose interest LONG before any chance to buy from you...Because the truth of it is: their brains don’t want to burn calories trying to decide if you’re worth giving money to. So keep it simple and spend your time focusing on your business instead.

damnwrite copywriter Ami Williamson

So let’s dig into exactly how strategic copywriting turns your website into that 24/7 sales person...

  • It gets inside your potential customers head

    Humans buy based on emotion (and then rationalise it afterward). Effective copy will focus on your potential customers pain points, how your product or service relieves that pain and how the customer will benefit. It taps into their stage of awareness and uses your customers own words - the easiest way to communicate that you know exactly how they feel. And people buy from people who “get” them.

  • It tells them why they should care

    Here’s the hardest pill to swallow: it’s not about you. When that potential customer lands on your website, they want to know what you can offer them, why they should care and why you’re the best choice to solve their problem. By leading with what’s in it for them and continuing to use customer-focused language, you’ll keep them engaged and interested (not to mention more likely to take that next step!)

  • It’s designed to move them to take action

    “Conversion” is just the marketing term for that ideal step you want them to take - whether it’s buying a product, booking an appointment or simply contacting you. Whatever that big shiny goal is, carefully constructed copy will lead them to it (rather than just leaving it up to chance).

  • Design and Copy need to work together

    It’s easy to just focus on the design of your website, and throw up some half-baked copy as an afterthought. But the best websites have design and copy working together to build trust, communicate value and motivate your potential customer to take action. That’s why I combine target customer research, solid strategy and proven copy formulas to produce website copy that does the selling for you. Because your business needs a website that pulls its weight.

  • Want strategy-based website copy that does the work for you? Then let’s talk.


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