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Google Adwords Services

By Steven Newton | @stevienewton | August 1st 2018

We understand that many business owners either don’t have the time or lack the expertise to manage their own Google Adwords campaign, which is where we come in. We can offer a targeted and superior service to help your Google ads get real results.

What Is Google AdWords?

Before we overload you with information on all the benefits of using our service, let’s run through the basics. Google Adwords is the Google Pay-Per-Click advertising system. Basically, instead of spending big bucks on an online ad that gets no results, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Google Adwords allows your listing to be seen by a lot more people. Most internet browsers will never click past the first page of listings on a Google search, so you need to make sure your business is on that first page. Using Adwords, your business will appear either above or beside ‘organic’ listings, meaning that your business website is visible to people who are looking for your kind of product or service.


How Does AdWords Work?

It’s difficult to explain in just a few sentences how Adwords works as it can be quite complicated. But simply put, Adwords lets you choose a selection of key search terms and then you put a price on how much you are willing to spend for your ad to come up higher when those search terms are used. The key ingredient to a successful Google Adwords campaign is your Quality Score. The quality score is basically how well your chosen keywords match up with what people are looking for as well as taking into account how high you’ve bid for each keyword. So you can see how using Adwords can start to become a hassle if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Why You Need Peninsula Web Design

Developing a successful Adwords campaign can be a complex process. It generally involves extensive research into keywords, as well as a deep understanding of how the system works. It can take years to learn how to properly master Adwords. As a busy business owner, you probably don’t have the time. At MPWD, we have years of expertise in developing successful Adwords campaigns.

We’ll Get You The Right Traffic

If not managed properly, your advertisement might end up attracting the wrong kind of traffic. You want to make sure that your ad is targeted towards potential customers looking for the product or service that you offer. The last thing you want is to pay for clicks from people who are looking for something completely different. Ultimately, you want to convert clicks to sales, right? This is why sometimes it’s worth enlisting some professional help. MPWD will manage your Adwords campaign on your behalf to make sure your money is not being wasted on poor quality traffic.

Convert Leads into Sales

It’s not just about attracting the right kind of traffic to your website. You need an optimised and responsive website when potential customers arrive. A good website, designed around a positive user experience, will help you turn credible leads into verifiable conversions and capitalise over your competitors.

Convertopages, exclusively available to SponsoredLinX clients, transforms your website and traffic into a match made in conversion heaven. 

Engaged Customers = Customer Retention

Don’t just engage potential customers once, keep them coming back. By continuing to engage your customers, you can turn them into loyal brand representatives for your business with powerful retention tools which drive outstanding user-engagement. We can develop unique strategies to help you re-engage these customers through seamless and easy-to-understand Social Media, Brand Management, and Email Marketing techniques. 

It’s Time to Make a Decision

If you want to:

  • Drive new website traffic from multiple sources
  • Attract relevant traffic and credible leads
  • Convert leads into sales and
  • Engage customers to turn them into loyal brand representatives


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