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By Steven Newton | @stevienewton | July 20th 2018

In this era of Digital Marketing, every business and company is taking an extra step, making additional moves and going further day by day to stay atop their charts.

Google Partner is a Google’s program which has been around for a while and it is available to consultants, companies, digital marketing specialists and even individuals. In lay terms, it is a certification program that endorses a person or a company having passed certain exams on Google in Adwords marketing.


An individual who has passed certification exams enjoys the benefit of having a certificate that could help work his way up the corporate ladder and be privy to Google events, trainings and seminars. A company who is a Google partner however is one who has more than one certified employee in Google Adwords and such company continually meets the monthly requirements (both monetarily and performance-wise) of Google in order to maintain this partnership. Some companies who are Google partners are further specialized in specific fields.

It feels good to be assured that your money spent to work with a Google partner is an investment that would keep giving.

Why Should I use a Google Partner?

Here are five reasons why you should do more than consider a Google Partner and actually use one:

  • Better Optimization:
    Due to the vast and wealth of knowledge of Google partners, they are able to help you optimize Google advertising on every platform using Search Engine Optimization and the likes. They understand better and from their experience, can advise you on what to consider and do in the present and in the long run. They have more information that can help launch the awareness you need to grow your business
  • Early and Easy Access:
    Nothing is better in advertising and marketing like being ahead of your competitors and one sure way to do that is by using a Google Partner. Google partners have early access to Betawords, Adwords and even certain tools that takes months to become available to everybody, thus in association with a Google partner, you are able to take advantage of the ease of marketing tools way before your competitors hear about it.
  • Prioritization:
    There are times you would need the assistance of Google support as there may be glitch or something that need to be fixed urgently. It is possible that you have to hold the line and wait sometimes for days to be attended to but a Google partner can help you contact, and initiate a quick fix as they are given prioritization.
  • Assurance:
    It feels good to be assured that your money spent to work with a Google partner is an investment that would keep giving. Due to the standard to be met to retain their status with Google, partners will work endlessly to help you achieve your goals and this offers the assurance of success and desired result in terms of marketing goals.
  • Innovation:
    To keep up with Google standards and requirements, partners go above and beyond to find new ways of doing things; finding or creating new trends and refurbishing old trends to make sure their work stands out. This is a plus for you and your business because with each passing day, you are coming out in new and appeasing colors to your target market.

Google partners are trusted people who you would greatly benefit from. If you have not thought of using one before now, you should. Put that advertising money to better and trackable use. Google partners are always on top of their games and they will help your business do the same.

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